The Proud Baroness

This caravel is under the ownership of Captain Luciano Vega and manned by Captain Vega and his crew.  Large but swift, the Proud Baroness is mainly used as a cargo ship.  However, that doesn't mean that certain other missions aren't beyond the realm of possibility.


Speed: 2 mph (sails only)
Cargo: 100 tons
Sufficient Crew: 20
     This is the number of required for a sufficient crew. A sufficient crew is needed to efficiently operate the vessel.  For sailing ships, the number of crew aboard the ship may be much larger. Each crewman can only work 8 hours a day without risking exhaustion. So with only a sufficient crew the ship will have to beach or anchor for all but 8 hours a day (as rowed ships normally do). To travel 24 hours a day requires three shifts of 8 hours each, so you will need a fully crewed ship with 3 times this many crewmen to operate 24 hours a day.  The absolute minimum number of crewmen required to operate this vessel is half the sufficient crew number (rounded up). If a ship has less than this number of crew on board, it is effectively crippled.  Operating with less than a sufficient crew, but at least the minimum (hereafter called a skeleton crew) needed to run the ship presents several obstacles.

Located here is a list of The Crew of the Proud Baroness.

The Proud Baroness

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