The Border States

There are several places in and around Camarilla that are either separate entities or section of lands not yet accepted into the Unity Accords of Camarilla.  This is a brief overview of those four nations.


The border state north of Camarilla, Adruan's military and naval force is known as the Federation.  This has given rise to nicknaming their ships "Federals" or "Feds." Adraun is a nation that revolves around the finer things – gold, ivory, bronze, fine foods, fine wine.  The Adraun military is not as strict as the armies of some nations, but they are still strong.  Perhaps one of their greatest strength is that each soldier is seeking to be the finest in their field.  So, where some armies might work best as a focused unit, the Adraun military is deadliest when their individual talents overcome regimented similarities.  The Adraun king, Jean-Baptiste Leon, realized the crushing defeats that came at the mountains in Drakr and has chosen to take the sea routes as a more likely chance of attack. (For best reference, consider them French)


The border state south of Camarilla, Skiveros' military and naval force is known as the Imperial Fleet.  Often their ships are called "Imperials," or they are nicknamed for a derogatory version of their homeland, "Skeevers."  Skiveros is a nation dedicated to law, run by Emperor Claudius Laudentio.  Rank and file pecking orders permeates the culture, even in the clothing of the people; there are certain colors that are given only to certain classes – red for the soldiers, purple for the ruling classes, orange for the navy, etc.  Skiveros is a nation unto itself who looked to break up or inhibit the Unity Accords, starting with an attempted invasion of Elfaivar.  However, they met forceful and utter resistance at the border of the great Elfaivar woods.  Undaunted, the forces of Skiveros have tried their hand at sending forth their navy into Camarilla.  There is a rumor that one of the most feared pirate captain in Camarillan waters is a Skiverian man named Caine.  (For best reference, consider them Roman)


A border state to the east of Crisillyir, this section of land created itself as a response to the rapid industrialism of Crisillyir.  Many turned toward Cyriss as the technological marvels flowed out of the country, but some were incensed at the creation of this new and (some would say) alien goddess.  The gods of the realm had given so much to the people since the creation of the world, they thought, that to worship this strange new deity was a slap in the face.  Zehrendir was thus created as a "good" theological paradise, a land where the gods and goddess of good could gain a firm foothold in the world and their followers could proclaim in strength their goodness.  The country is currently led by an Elven cleric by the name of Godhand Soveliss Amakiir; the country is awating acceptance in the Unity Accord.


The central border state of Camarilla is the result of years of battle between those perceived as "civilized" and those deemed "savage."  Kragg is a section of land chiseld from between Drakr and Crisillyir with the might of thousands of goblinoids enforcing their right to their sovereignty.  Bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins have always been seen as a force to be eradicated, as a vermin or a plague.  However, embolded by the nations that attacked him, a hobgoblin Lord of the Warhost called Malvutceyda gathered his soldiers and amassed other goblinoid tribes into his fold.  Ten years ago, Malvutceyda himself arrived in a Meeting of the Accords at Axis Island.  He came in relative peace and his message was simple: "Kragg is the home of Maglubiyet's army.  We want our home, as you want yours.  Make it so."  The nation of Camarilla has not yet reached a decision.

The Border States

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