Making a Character

What materials can you use to build your character

Starting Stats

We're using the Point Buy System.  Here's a quick explanation: Point Buy

Starting Level

Start your character at Level 3

Available Races

All races are available for play.  Typically, there are creatures that start in certain locations.  Below is the normal starting land for each race (refer to the map), but feel free to start wherever.
Races by Country


Based on group consensus, if you would like to have an evil character, you may do so.  However, I am pulling DM fiat – if you are evil, your alignment is "Useful Evil."  I don't need chaotic evil bastards setting the ship on fire.  Let's everybody get along and do dastardly deeds like one big corrupted family, eh?


At any given time, your character should have three “motivations.” These are in additional to the normal D&D character creation steps.

Motivations can be general desires (such as “thwart the machinations of the Dark Court” or “stamp out slavery”) or specific goals (such as “acquire the holy avenger” or “free my brother from the Prison of Fire”). Some things to keep in mind:

  • These motivations are intended to provide hooks for me so I’ll know what sort of adventures the PCs would likely pursue
  • Motivations aren’t set in stone; they can change, particularly ones that are specific goals that are achieved.
  • The motivations should be something the player finds fun or interesting (and by extension would be something the character would be interested in).
  • There cannot be any Anti-Party or Anti-PC motivations.
  • And finally, YES, they can combined or paired motivations with another player(s).

List if each one is Public (other characters known it) or Private (only for my eyes).


I will be posting a separate page for guns, cannons, etc. to outline stats.  For now, if you have proficiency with a ranged bow weapon (shortbow, longbow, light cross bow, heavy crossbow, hand crossbow), you have proficiency with firearms.

Making a Character

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