Through the campaign, the players have chances to earn extra XP for their characters by fulfilling, for lack of a better term, "homework."  Instead of doing a massive info dump in the beginning of the campaign, this is a chance for the players to mete out little bits of character background at a time, allowing for versatility and a chance to tie in better to the story.  If you need a reminder of what homework is coming due, keep an eye on this page!

2/18/17 – Post your character picture on Obsidian Portal, and come up with 3 motivations for your character

2/25/17 – Where in Camarilla (or beyond) do you come from? (Please specify from where on the map you hail – a town doesn't have to be marked on the map for it to exist)

3/4/17 – Tell me about your family.  Be as detailed as you'd like – I need at least parents, any siblings, and notable relatives. 


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