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  • Nick Jones

    *Nick Jones* Nick Jones was born Nigel Clarke. He grew up in a small villiage called Drakestone, located just at the base of the mountains in the Northwest area in Adraun to an educated professor as a father, and a political study in a mother. Needless …

  • Beliminorgath Es-Zhakan

    Motivations: Currently trying to find the pirates that killed my clan and sold me into slavery, seeking vengeance masked as justice (Public) Captaining my own ship to create my own makeshift clan (Public) Get comfortable enough to live in peace ( …

  • Ssylyth Shalkashlah

    Ssylyth was born from a relatively small clutch of 17 eggs that was only conceived as way to bind clan Shalkaslah and clan Kalgrath. He had only 16 siblings of which, only 6 survived their harsh yuan-ti upbringing. Notable family members include: …

  • Jessica Brightwood

    Comes from Ursalina in Ber Motivations: Finding her brother, Alexander (Public) Family Background: Jessica is the younger of two children born to Maxwell Brightwood, the governor of Ursalina in the country of Ber, and his wife, Charlotte …

  • Looker

    Comes from Orithea in the Malice Lands Motivations: Recover my speech (public)

  • Thes-innot

    Motivations: To be able to have a friendly conversation with anyone (Public) To better understand land-dweller culture (Public) To improve my skills as a merchant