The Kobold Krew

The five kobold sailors from Cherage


This ragtag lot of kobolds look weathered but able to work. They are a little twitchy at times when there is a lot of action or movement, but they work hard if paid and treated as equals on the crew.


These five kobolds, led by their “baus” Didzilnik, left their homes in Cherage to pursue a better life, away from the caste system of the Danoran capital. They have started life on board the ship mostly as deckhands and runners. However, some have particular aptitudes or interests that have begun to show themselves.

Addirzulp, though meek, is a keen knife fighter. Vhamzu seems to have a touch of innate magic. Ridderk’s eyes and purpose are fixed on the cannons. Perpetually-nervous Jib is very fast. And Qogho loves drawings and maps.

From left to right on the photo:

Jib, Ridderk, Didzilnik, Vhamzu, Addirzulp, Qogho

The Kobold Krew

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