Ssylyth Shalkashlah

A Yuan-Ti exile hailing from the mysterious land of Elfaivar.


Ssylyth was born from a relatively small clutch of 17 eggs that was only conceived as way to bind clan Shalkaslah and clan Kalgrath. He had only 16 siblings of which, only 6 survived their harsh yuan-ti upbringing.
Notable family members include:

High Priestest Kaathe Shalkaslah, the Darkstalker – Ssylyth’s mother and High Priestest of Mershaulk. She is a very powerful Cleric of Tharizdun and leader of Tharizdun’s followers in Mershaulk. She is one albino Malision you don’t want to cross.

Frampt Kalgrath, the Kingseeker – One of the Abominations that sits on Mershaulk’s High council. Leader of clan Kalgrath. Ssylth’s father and a powerful follower of Erythnul.

Kaiross S. – One Ssylyth’s brothers. The only other Pureblood from the clutch that survived to adulthood. The closest thing to a friend that Ssylyth had while growing up. Went missing shortly before Ssylyth’s exile, possibly in retaliation of Ssylyth’s trangression.

Hesperax S. – The single albino out of the clutch. A malision like her mother. She is making her way up the ranks of clan Shalkaslah’s ecclesiarchy. Currently just a priestess.

Drahazard K. – A dull and brutish malision warrior of clan Kalgrath. Unfortunately Ssylyth’s brother.

Rakarath K. – a powerful and cunning malision. He has worked his way up clan Kolgrath’S hierarchy to stand beside his father as second in command.

Eldras’zard – a malision sorcerer. Broke ties with both of his parent clans and Mershaulk as a whole. Is considered a traitor to his people.

Slytheria K., the Blighted Blade – malision assassin of clan kolgarth. Many power hungry and upstart yuan-ti have their end on her blade.

Eggwatcher Seraphon – raised Ssylyth’s clutch. More like a parent to Ssylyth than either of his actual parents. He hasn’t seen her in years

Ssylyth Shalkashlah

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