Jessica Brightwood


Comes from Ursalina in Ber


Finding her brother, Alexander (Public)

Family Background:
Jessica is the younger of two children born to Maxwell Brightwood, the governor of Ursalina in the country of Ber, and his wife, Charlotte. Her older brother, Alexander, was a few years older than her, but they were very close growing up. Alexander, a skilled swordsman despite his father’s warnings against wielding any weapons, would protect Jessica from any trouble that came up, be it an argument with their father, or a couple of homeless boys looking for something more than just free food on the street. This would usually result in many visits to the infirmary in the governor’s mansion, though nothing of the various scuffles would make it to the public’s ear.
Jessica and Alexander bonded over their dislike of their father and his tough regime in Ursalina. They understood the power of appearing stone-faced and cold in front of the public, but they also believed that a leader should rule with compassion, a trait Maxwell tends to lack. The only compassion they have ever seen in their father is in the rare private moments he is able to put aside to spend with his wife, though those tended to be few and far in between.
Charlotte loved her husband dearly. Despite his harsh exterior, she sees the loving man underneath. She knows how difficult it is for him to show his fairer emotions, as he was taught by his own father that to appear strong to the world, you have to be rid of the emotions that make you weak. She has worked tirelessly in the twenty-three years of their marriage to coerce those emotions to the light, but it has been a slow process, and she fears that they will lose both of their children if he does not change soon.
When Jessica was fourteen, and Alexander seventeen, Alexander and Maxwell had a disagreement that rose in its intensity until Maxwell all but threw Alexander out of the house and told him to never come back. Jessica never knew what they had fought over, but she stole from the mansion a few days after Alexander left to meet with him in secret. In an abandoned alley, they met and Alexander told her that he was leaving Ber that night on a merchant ship headed for Cherage.
Jessica, who knew that the fastest route to Cherage was through the Yerasol Archipelago, tried to convince Alexander to stay in Ber, if not in Ursalina, then at least go somewhere close. But he refused, saying that the captain of the ship had every faith in the world that they would make it through the Archipelago, that there was an item of magic hidden somewhere in the Archipelago that would keep them safe. A magical item that belonged to the feared pirate, Captain Caine. Alexander didn’t know what the item was, but he was willing to risk his death if it meant he could escape their father.
Alexander left that night, and a month later, word came that the ship he had been travelling on had sunk at sea, lost to the dangers of the Archipelago. There were no survivors.
Jessica sunk into a depression in the first year after Alexander’s death, forced to survive the wrath of her father’s fury alone. When a year had past, she realized that Alexander would not have wanted her to live like that, and so she went to the same sword master Alexander had learned from and trained under him. She had to do so secretly from her father, just as her brother had done when he was still alive. She soon became a great swordswoman, her skills equal to those of Alexander.
In the summer that Jessica turned nineteen – five years since Alexander’s death – she received a letter from the last person she thought she would ever hear from again – Alexander.
In the letter, Alexander insisted that it was truly him, that he had somehow survived the wreck that sunk the ship he had been traveling on. He was sorry that he hadn’t contacted her before now, but he had been unable to. (The rest is in the letter)
After reading the letter, Jessica gent to her father and told him that she needed to leave, that Alexander was still alive, but that he was in trouble. Maxwell would not listen to her pleas, and told her under no uncertain terms that he did “not have a son. And if you leave in the same way he did, I will no longer have a daughter.”
That night, Jessica packed her things and left, along with the aid who had been hired to protect her, a fish-man named Thes-innot. They left Ursalina and traveled across Ber to Seobriga, where they stole away on a merchant ship headed to the town of Flint, in Risur. There, they were hired onto the ship The Proud Baroness.

Jessica Brightwood

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