Captain Caine

The Scourge of Camarilla


Little is known about this elusive pirate. It is said the Caine was a low-ranking office in the Skiveran military when his ship was set upon by pirates. Most of the crew were slain, but Caine was left alive. The pirate threatened him with punishments and tortures galore, but Caine stood still. He simply said, “Before this ship reaches land, I will slay you and be captain.”

The ship then set sail with Caine in the brig. When the ship was pulling into port, the captain had Caine brought to the deck. “Well, lad,” the captain said, “we’re pulling to land soon. And here I stand! What say y-” Before the captain could react, Caine removed the captain’s sword and slit the captain’s throat. The last gasp of air that left the body was followed by the gentle thump of the ship touching land. It is said Caine became captain without question or challenge.

Since then, it is said that Caine has set his wrath upon any ship he chooses. He is malicious, vindictive, and the embodiment of evil. There is a claim that he has a vast treasure hoard somewhere in Camarilla – possibly in the Yerasol Archipelago. But those who consider going for it remember that, at the sight of his flag, many make peace with their gods and pray for a painless death.



Captain Caine

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